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Single Touch Payroll (STP) is Coming for all Employers

Single Touch Payroll or STP, will become mandatory for all employers from 1 July 2019 and The Bookkeeper Guy can smoothly introduce it to your business. At present it only applies to large employers with 20 or more staff. Preparing for it now will ensure a smooth transition for your employees and your payroll process. The ATO published some helpful fact sheets in preparation for the introduction to larger employers and these are equally relevant to all employers preparing now.

This stp_factsheet is a great introductory guide to what it will mean for your business and what steps you can take to prepare for it.  Your staff will be hearing about it soon РSTP for Employees outlines what will change for them once STP is introduced.

Simon at The Bookkeeper Guy has successfully introduced STP to large employers and can simplify the transition for your business. For a stress free introduction of Single Touch Payroll get in touch with us – call 08 6111 3124 or email us

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Be Careful What You Share

We all get phone-calls from marketing companies – often around dinner time. Often we think it is nice to help someone out and keep them employed. Unfortunately, there are now so many scam attempts that sometimes you don’t even want to answer the phone when it rings. Pretending to be from the Australian Tax Office is one of the most common.

This recent video from the ATO helps explain what you should never do – remember, the ATO will never call you. They only contact you by mail, and even then, you should always contact the ATO or your tax advisor to confirm a debt is legitimate before you pay anything, no matter how convincing they sound.

You can contact Simon on 0409 290 358 or 6111 3124 if you are ever unsure and would like another opinion on a suspicious request.

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Cloud Accounting – Get Started with Xero

Signed up for some cloud-accounting? Great idea! Using Xero? Excellent! Never used anything like this before? Don’t worry, neither have many other people! Have a look at the video below for an overview.


So, what next? Do you really want to spend the next two days figuring this out for yourself? This is where a bookkeeper comes in. Chances are you are changing from managing the books for your business in a spreadsheet, or another program, and moving into Xero. We can help you with a quick and painless transition, setup your payroll and show you some helpful tips along the way.

Talk to the Xero professionals at The Bookkeeper Guy, we are a certified advisor and bronze partner with Xero. Call us on 6111 3124 or 0409 290 358 or just drop in for a coffee and a no-obligation, free assessment of your bookkeeping requirements. We are located at 4/328 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park.

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